Complete Dora-e-Tafseer-ul-Qur'an! (MP3)

Complete Dora-e-Tafseer-ul-Qur'an by Mufti Zar Wali Khan distributed in very well managed mp3 files. Shaikh-ul-Hadith Mufti Zar Wali Khan is a Hanafi Islamic scholar from Pakistan. He is an expert in the fields of Islamic Jurispredence (Fiqh), Hadith, Tafsir and Tasawwuf. He completed his Islamic education from Jamia Uloom-ul-Islamia Banori Town Karachi. He is in the students tree of Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri, as he is student of Moulana Hanan who is also in the students tree of Moulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri.


Request: We have a request that if you can create DVDs of "Dora-e-Tafseer-ul-Qur'an", do create them and distribute them to your neighbors, relatives etc. Do copy "Dora-e-Tafseer-ul-Qur'an" in your cell phones and listen it whenever you are free. Do copy "Dora-e-Tafseer-ul-Qur'an" in USBs and put these USBs in your cars and listen it while driving. Jazaak Allah!