EVERYTHING IS VISUAL is all about reality and reality belongs to Almighty God!

Whatever we are seeing around us today, the earth, the mountains, skies, rivers and all the nature did not exist at all. All these things were created by the one and only ever been existing entity, that is Almighty God and Who undoubtedly will remain forever.

Almighty God who always existed and will always exist created earth, skies and the entire universe out of nothing. He created angels, jinns, humans and numbers of other creatures. According to some sources, jinns were created and existed about 2000 years before the creation of human beings. Their disobedience caused them to be punished by Almighty God. They were killed by the angels and the rest of them moved to the far corners of earth. Out of those jinns, one jinn was very obedient to Almighty God and was honoured by Him. He was transferred to skies and then lived with angels.

Almighty God created Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) and ordered all the angels and that jinn to prostrate Adam (Peace Be Upon Him). Every angel except that jinn did so. When Almighty God asked that why did he not prostrate Adam (Peace Be Upon Him)? Jinn replied that he was better than Adam. Almighty God got him out because of his disobedience. Jinn asked for time so that he could seduce the human beings till the day of judgement. Almighty God granted him so. That jinn is called satan.

Eve was created from the left rib of Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) and Almighty God sent both of them to Heaven. Almighty God said them to go anywhere in Heaven, eat whatever they wanted to eat but forbade them to go near to that tree. But satan who promised to seduce the human beings played his game and made their minds to eat from that tree. Both Adam and Eve regretted soon after they ate from that tree and consequently, punished by Almighty God and were sent down to earth. Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) felt sorry and God Almighty taught him the forgiveness words in his heart. Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) asked for the forgiveness and Almighty God forgave him.They were then advised by Almighty God to stay on earth for a specific time and wait for His orders. Those who obey His orders will be rewarded by the Heaven after world and those who disobey will be sent to hell which is undoubtedly a bad place.

It is about more than 7500 years for humans living in the world. From Adam (Peace Be Upon Him) to Muhammad (Sallalaho Alaihi Wassalam), Almighty God sent number of Prophets to deliver His message to people, to show them the right path, the path of Almighty God. Those who followed the prophet of their time will be sent to Heaven and those who did not follow will be sent to hell after world. Following is the image of the history of mankind till present time:

The Prophethood of last Prophet Muhammad (Sallalaho Alaihi Wassalam) is very important. It is the longest prophethood as it will last till the day of judgement. Prophet Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihi Wassalam) delivered the orders of Almighty God to his companions which were further delivered to their obedients and so on. These orders will be delivered till the last day. The chain of delivering orders from Prophet Muhammad (Sallalho Alaihi Wassalam) to companions and from companions to their obedients and so on till the last day is known as Ahle-Sunnah-Wal-Jammah (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafai, & Hanbali). Following is the image of this chain:

The logo of EVERYTHING IS VISUAL represents every human being. As you can see the front side of logo represents every human being and moving element in this logo represents soul of every human being. The message of this logo is "The soul is the reality! One day this soul will leave our bodies."

EVERYTHING IS VISUAL except what Almighty God says!

Beware of this worldly lives and prepare for your real life!

EVERYTHING IS VISUAL published a book named "Who is God?" which explains everything which a human being needs to know. This book is written for every individual comes in this world till the last day. You can download this book by clicking the title below:

Who is God?